Sawarytravel reservation software has the ability to manage both B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) trading platforms at the same time.
In the B2B model, the user role of partner agencies is defined.
In this way, in addition to the general facilities of the system that customers can use, partner agencies can also benefit from sections such as commissions for flight sales, hotels, services and tours.

B2B and B2C tourism reservation system
Among the facilities that can be provided to partner agencies are the following:

– Partner registration

– Confirmation of a colleague’s account after system administrator user reviews

– Login to the system

– Complete, correct and edit profiles

– Allocation of credit by the system administrator

– Buy flights, hotels, services, tours, etc. on credit and online

– Record and search all user records

– View purchased contracts

– View the status of settlement of contracts

– Search for quotas

– Send a message to the system administrator and view the messages sent by the system administrator

– Ability to download documents (vouchers, tickets, contracts, etc.)

In the B2C business of Sawarytravel reservation panel, which includes the connection between the tourism service provider and travelers, travelers will be able to use the system features by searching, booking and finally paying.

Here are some features that in the B2C model can cause interaction between the passenger and the system administrator:

– User registration

– Approved by the system administrator

– User login

– Complete, correct and edit profiles

– Record and search all passenger records, including purchase and reservation with the ability to apply a specific time filter

– View all services purchased

– View the status of settlement of contracts

– Ability to download and print all documents (vouchers, tickets, contracts, etc.)

– Send a message to the system administrator and view the messages sent by the system administrator

– Ability to define and add custom fields by the system administrator (for example, documents required for upload)

– Support system via email

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Our difference with other companies

In addition to support services and reasonable prices, our company has provided the conditions for using the white label system. This eliminates the cost of building and maintaining a website, and allows airlines and individuals in the field to operate under their own brand name. On the main page of our site, you can see the B2B Travel portal section. This is where helping you use our white label system.

In the article how sawarytravel works, you can see how to register and use this system.